Trevor Nicholas Friday
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Pearlette Hodge lit a candle on 08/16/2009: "All I have to say is "SHOWTIME" one of the best songs ever!! Peace be with you brotha."
Carrots lit a candle on 07/20/2009: "R.I.P Daddy Fri you're gone but memories of you will remain in our hearts."
MistaPrez™ (C&S) Gumbs lit a candle on 07/11/2009: "From all the way in Anguilla...we send our love.."
Oliver Skelton lit a candle on 07/07/2009: "Always enjoy going out to your jams when in Tola....missing the band with the man....R.I.P. Daddy Friday"
Arlene Barthlett-Lake lit a candle on 04/30/2009: "Daddy, I still can't believe ur gone. I know ur home with the Almighty Father, but we miss u hear on earth."
Myron Rubaine lit a candle on 04/07/2009: "carnival comin it your time daddy i miss u bad daddy 4 life i am think about u next year with out my boy daddy"
Mayi Falu lit a candle on 03/06/2009: "We missed you a lot!!You still in our hearts. You are a shiny star in your neighbor island of Puerto Rico."
Sinia Payne (Website Host) lit a candle on 02/13/2009: "Just here thinking about the tribute Jam Band did for you. I was on the dance floor crying. Missing u Daddae. RIP"
Terry Deazle lit a candle on 01/30/2009: "I still am in shock that you are gone i cry sometimes but your with god and you will never be forgotten"
Mike,Bolo,Leon,Budah lit a candle on 12/29/2008: "Just wishing u a Happy Birthday my Boi.... May you rest in peace...."
Shantel &. Charisse lit a candle on 12/29/2008: "Happy Birthday!!!! May you rest in peace!!!"
Lexton Tyson lit a candle on 12/23/2008: "Nuf respect"
Keebbler lit a candle on 12/01/2008: "from warhead massive and shottaz inc 4 life we miss u daddy the greatest ever R.I.P UR MUSIC WILL LIVE ON"
Jeevan Robinson lit a candle on 11/27/2008: "I listen to your music still everyday Daddy! We miss you bad! R.I.P"
Stacey Penn lit a candle on 11/17/2008: "It's been three years since your untimely departure. You are greatly misses. Rest in peace...Devil Ray for Life!!!!!"
Ver Nae Down In V.I. lit a candle on 11/09/2008: "We miss u so much R.I.P. Nick daddy!!!! Rest in Peace!!!"
Kaya Lettsom lit a candle on 10/21/2008: "daddy it will never b the same ,we miss u"
Sinia Payne (webiste Host) lit a candle on 10/16/2008: "3 years later & it's still the same. Still tear up, wish u never left. Die hard fans still rippin ur music on holidays"
Charisma Tucker lit a candle on 10/14/2008: "still missing you Daddy Friday"
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