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Still / Sinia Payne (Website Host) (#1 Fan )

It never gets easier for anyone who still mourns the loss of you. It's yet another month and just like yesterday, the memories of the jouverts and parades and jams all over the world is fresh as ever. It will take a man to really fill your shoes Daddy and accomplish the things you did. I hope you're having a blast on the other side. Continue to Rest In Peace.

Your #1 Fan,

Celebrate the Life and Legacy of Daddy Friday  / CORE Magazine (Fans)

Most will say nobody can command a crowd like the late great Nick Friday. Better known as Daddy to all his fans, Trevor Nicholas Friday indeed fathered a musical movement in the Virgin Islands that would transform Calypso and give VI music an identity all its own. For a man so dear to so many and so revered for his craft its hard to believe that a fitting tribute has yet to surface that truly commemorates our own Musical Legend. Its time for us to begin to know the man behind the music we have all come to love.

Down De Road with Jam Band
Learn the History of the VI Road March Kings

Like many others in my age group Carnival has always been associated with the hypnotizing rhythms of Jam Band. We can all recall several jouverts where thousands of Virgin Islanders crowded the streets to see Jam Band come up de road. Jamin' from dawn til' mid morning bystanders would watch as the crowd wukk up, throw back and jump up. But who is this group Jam Band and what is this winning style that they possess? Follow CORE as we take you back down de road with the VI Road March Kings.

Do it for Daddy!

Help CORE give Trevor Nicholas Friday the positive press coverage he always deserved! Send us your pictures of Jam Band throughout the years, pictures of Friday on stage, backstage shots of the band or personal photos of you with Friday.
Tell CORE your most memorable Jam Band Moment!
Send emails to:

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Friday / Sinia Payne (Host) (# 1 Fan )


I must say that Jam Band aint letting your memories fade quietly at all! Friday night they were in the Bronx and they had the crowd wailing from start to finish. I personally enjoyed every minute, especially the tribute where we waved our phones for you... yo, it was touching. The Virgin Islands crew was there to represent. Roll call was practically V.I's only, especially Bovonie!!! Yea, I was glad that despite the light drizzle the fans came out to represent and show Jam Band that we will continue to support them. It was part 2 of the Camoflauge jam and yes, your soldiers were there, good and faithful ready for war. Jam Band played clean, we danced until we were wet and I know you're proud because the Legacy you started strong more than 20 years ago continues. Continue to rest in peace... One Love always.


To dah GARGON  / DaddyWhites (Anguilla Massive )
im feeling POSSESSED jus remembering how u use 2 LET LOOSE and ur SOLDIERS use to SET IT OFF but u all ways tried 2 KOOL UM DOWN and keep things LEGAL. everybody knew you were de ROADRUNNER and when ever I heard dat IRON I said that MAN TERRIBLE. when it was TIME FI WUK and we heard that voice tossing lyrics like hot PEPPER flowing through ur BACKBONE oh man we knew it was SHOW TIME. we use 2 geh outta control and start 2 TEAR DOWN DE ROOF but jus like a expert JOCKEY u raced out and ur general instincts kicked in and lined us up in the INSPECTION LANE, IN THE NICK OF TIME! dah SUGAR in ur chunes made us feel like we where BORN AGAIN, it took me back to the days when we played LAMBOUSHAY and the riddim gave us a hypnotizing bouse like a TRAMPING STYLE and wailed like a WILD INDIAN but in ur last days u taught the WORLD, HOW TO TAKE DE ROAD!   
                           Thank you for the memories 
                      everytime I play one of your songs 
                     it takes me back...2 dah good times 
                     your not gone once we remember you!!! 
Happy Birthday  / Je'Nelle (Longtime Fan )
Happy Birthday........your memory will live on.  May you Rest In Peace
Birthday Memory  / Je'Nelle (Fan)
Happy B'day Daddy...........your memory still lives on.   Thanks for the good times!!
Another day  / Sinia Payne (Host) (friend)  Read >>
Another day  / Sinia Payne (Host) (friend)
Another second, another minute, another hour, another day, another week, another month after the first year you left. It's been a while but your memories live on Daddy. Continue to watch over us all.

its been a year daddy  / Kelvin "baggashark" Fahie (friend)  Read >>
its been a year daddy  / Kelvin "baggashark" Fahie (friend)
its have been a year already,from family to friend and everyone who came it contact with jamband everyone say the same thing,"cannot belive its a year already"time really flies,your gone daddy,but your legacy the tren you set will never be forgetten,may you rest in peace. Close
PLEASE RESPECT THE MEMORY  / Joanne Friday (sister)  Read >>
PLEASE RESPECT THE MEMORY  / Joanne Friday (sister)
First and foremost thanks to those of you who has remembered my brother with your kind words and the prayers  sent out to the family.

Second thank you to the website creator it was very thoughtful of you to do this.

LASTLY to the child who has nothing else to do than disrespect the memory his family and close friends have of him i would appreciate it very much if you would stop i dont think this site was created for your personal forum. Close
1 Year Has Passed  / Natasha E. (true fan )  Read >>
1 Year Has Passed  / Natasha E. (true fan )
Mr. Friday himself left us one year ago...funny how it still feels like yesterday. The pain and sorrow are still fresh like the day you left us in your earthly presence. Your music and devotion to our culture, however, will forever remain in our hearts. Your liveliness and love of life made you very respected. People of all ages, races, and creeds loved to be around you. You give the old their youth again. You made the young look forward to becoming old.....and why you ask? Because your music is TIMELESS!  I grew up from elementary listening to you and became a Woman attending Jam Band fetes to hear your great and unique voice. For that I am grateful to be a part of your legacy that Virgin Islands and West Indians, locally and abroad will forever miss.  

Watch over all your devoted fans and people....until we meet again with the Lord Jesus, keep HIM entertained. Close
1 year  / Rebecca Jewel   Read >>
1 year  / Rebecca Jewel
Keep smiling, Keep shining.
Knowing you can always count on me
For sure
That's what friends are for
The good times and bad times
I'll be by your side forever more
That's what friends are for....

I always knew you were special...and this song was always a reminder to me of how special friendships were. I admired your hard work and all your efforts to help maintain your friendships with persons in your life. And I am glad i was one of them. Thanks for being there and always know that I will always be by your side. Your family are in my prayers. Rest in Peace Trevor Nicholas Friday. I salute you!

Becca Close
1Yr. Anniversary  / P-Your Sweetness De Smith Family   Read >>
1Yr. Anniversary  / P-Your Sweetness De Smith Family

Well it been a year since u gone and it felt jus like yesterday when i heard de news that u left us.I was at wuk when i got de call and i started to cry and I couldn't believe it was tru so i had to Nicole to find out and she was like yea he gone and she was cryin and i started to cry again and I was like nikki he in a betta place and i cant tell u how u feel cause i havent lost my father as yet.

Nick may ur soul Rest In Peace until we meet again.....

 Love Always,

  De Smith Family from Sea Cows Bay Tortola

Daddy's 1st Anniversary...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (#1 Fan )  Read >>
Daddy's 1st Anniversary...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (#1 Fan )

One year ago he left us and unfortunately we're still in shock. We can't comprehend it but we know we all have to go through it. But let's not reminisce on the life that we lost but the memories that he gave us. Let us remember him as the man we all knew- a father, a performer, a son, a friend, a brother, a collegue, whatever. Let us embrace all the things he left us with and treasure them forever. I know he's proud at the many things we've all wrote and said something about him on this site. Let us not forget as the months go by as this site serves as a quiet place for each of us to come and reflect on him, share memories and even talk to him. Shed tears if you must but continue to keep Daddy alive. Today's a blessing because it was sunny outside all day today and tonight an unexpected thunderstorm is here telling me he's proud of what we've done in his honor. Continue to pray for his family that they may remain strong as pilars of support to one another. We know it's not easy for them, especially his parents and children. 

Daddy Friday, we loved you then and love you now and will continue to do right by you. May your Legacy continue to shine bright over the Virgin Islands and the world more over. Continue to Rest In Heavenly Peace.

(Website Creator)

1 / S.   Read >>
1 / S.
One year ago he left us and unfortunately we're still in shock. We can't comprehend it but we know we all have to go through it. Close
It been a year since u left us daddy.It still pains me today to know that I will never see you or hear that voice again. May you rest in eternal peace. TRUE JAMBAND FAN Close
Isaiah 41:10  / Shoya A. (friend)  Read >>
Isaiah 41:10  / Shoya A. (friend)

The Lord giveth and He taketh away and only He knows why
But I find comfort in His words as I try to say goodbye.
For He's assuring me that He'll be with me until the very end
When all my loved ones I shall see when my time on earth, too, has end.

"Don't be afraid, for I am with you.
Don't be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, I will help you.
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand."

Isaiah 41:10

I can't believe it's 1 year already since you left your earthly home
To sit at the right hand of the Father on His heavenly throne.
This all still comes as a dream to me
And it's as if I'm trapped in an abstract reality.
No day is ever easier than the day gone before
But memories of you and your music are in me forever more.

Daddy, as we all reflect on your memories today- one year after your death, I am content with the fact that I knew you and had the time to become your friend. So until we see each other again, continue to Rest In Peace.

Your friend

Remembering Daddy's One Year Anniversary  / A. Very Dear Friend   Read >>
Remembering Daddy's One Year Anniversary  / A. Very Dear Friend
I can't believe a year has passed already.  It only seems like yesterday when you left us.  I can still remember the time and place where I was at when I heard the devastating news.  I was in shock and disbelief.   It still pains me today to know that I will never see you or hear that beautiful voice again.  May you rest in eternal peace.   I will see you on that bright on glorious morning when we all shall rise.  Until then I will stay strong. Close
REMEMBER DADDY FRIDAY  / DaddyWhites (Daddy fan and JamBand supporter )  Read >>
REMEMBER DADDY FRIDAY  / DaddyWhites (Daddy fan and JamBand supporter )
One year has pass and now reflecting on it brings back the heartache and disbelief. his family, JamBand, the virgin islands and the world will never be the same. a part of me still long to here a solid fresh chune from the daddy, knowing it will never come but i guess its good to dream. he was and for ever will be the small island ambassador. we show concentrate more on how he lived and made us feel and not on his death more pics of the good times and big session should be posted. REST ON DADDY!!!  Close
My heart is aching  / Shirl (FAN)  Read >>
My heart is aching  / Shirl (FAN)

It's so hard to say good bye to yesterday. The lord giveth and the lord taken away. One year ago you went on to a better place where there is know more sorry or know more pain. Word can't explain the way I feel to know that you are know longer with us. You are greatly missed. You have left a mark on the Virgin Islands that can never be move. To his loyal fans lets keep his legacy alive. Gone but never forgotten. To his parents ,children & fiance (Jackie) I pray for you to some day find closure. Nicholas Trevor Friday a man of great honor.

Time does not make it easier, i still expect to hear your voice on the phone  / Brenda Maynard (friend)  Read >>
Time does not make it easier, i still expect to hear your voice on the phone  / Brenda Maynard (friend)
it is almost a year since you left us. it seems like yesterday . i know that you are in a better place but it is so hard to let go. but we dont have to we should remember you with a smile on our face because you embraced life and you loved every moment of it. I would remeber the days we traveled with the uvi basketball team and you would play tricks on claude and we would all laugh . the nights of boatrides and crashing and going to class not haveing slept . thecarnivals and all out fun times . the times we were in problems and the tears and grieve. nothing prepared me for the shock of getting that phone call. but i know that you are so proud of sinia and this great web site so that we can find comfort in knowing how many others loved you and miss you too. from the original south b massive '92 we know we will see that smile one day, from your fans in st. maarten "daddy "you are our diamond in the sky and from bren see you one day bro

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