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1 year Anniversary approaches...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )

As the 1 year anniversary approaches, it seems as if only now it's hard to accept the fact that you're gone. I know you're in a better place. Everyday is a new day for me to embrace but I often wonder why... and eventhough I try- and I does try hard too, I just can't seem to say good-bye. sometimes I does wonder if you does see everyone's tears, hear everyone's prayers and see what's really in our hearts. We mourn you now just like we did nearly a year ago. Until we meet again... 


46 weeks  / Charissa (fan)
46 weeks Daddy Friday gone and as a fan, everyday I continue to mourn the loss of you...

Dedicated fan of yours
Nicholas... / Sylvia (friend)
Nurturing through your music to all who heard and could relate.
Impacted many lives through your words of wisdom or words of humor.
Creative charisma can be seen and felt in every word of every piece of material you did- both musical and law.
Honest characteristic, though blunt, was well taken and appreciated from one friend to another.
Observant eyes kept you ahead of everything- situations, circumstances, surroundings and even some 'friends'.
Love for your family, your jobs, your country, your friends and fans made you persevere and excell to be the best and give the people what they want.
Accomplished many great goals that were set in place to build a better future for the economy of the Virgin Islands and it's people.
Sophicated from the cars you drove, to the clothes you wore; from your girlfriend of choice- Jackie (a nice Lady) to your close friend- Alex aka Chief.

Everything about you made you stand out. You were different from many of us Virgin Islanders and it showed. You weren't the average guy working because you had to but because you had goals set and you had seen visions of greater things. Because of you and Jam Band, the Virgin Islands is more well-known. Yes, people heard of the Virgin Islands but the large scale market that you displayed our culture on made us even more well-known! For example, the Venus Divine shaver commercial was shot in the beautiful waters of Spring Bay in Virgin Gorda. I am so proud of what you've done- where you've been and where you've came to. And eventhough you're gone, your works won't go unnoticed. Rest on in the arms of the Lord.

"As the dear panteth for the water so my soul longeth after Thee.
You alone are my hearts' desire and I long to worship you.
You alone are my strength and shield
To you alone may my spirit yield 
You alone are my hearts' desire and I long to worship you."

Thanks / Tara (friend)

May Daddy continue to Rest In Peace as we all continue to remember him and uplift his name daily in prayers. Thanks to the lady for creating this site and for everyone for keeping this site drama-free. We loved Daddy and still do and the respect that he's getting through this just shows how much we ALL care. Just look at the digit for how many times this site was viewed! That in itself is actual proof that he was loved and is loved and is missed tremendously. May his family be uplifted daily also in prayer as they too are still reliving that moment- every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month for the last 10 months now. May they continue to be strong and hold each other up yet breakdown from time to time to release some tears over this tragedy. Again, may Trevor Nicholas Friday continue to Rest In Peace.

Blessed Angel- Tara

The kind of person he was...a True Friend!  / TIA (FRIEND)

If God permits that we meet again
I'd not hesitate to tell you that you're one of my Dearest Friends.
You were a person full of character and inner beauty
And all our similarities were mind-blowing, even our personalities.
We would sit and talk about many fond ideas
Because you understood me; I think you even knew my fears.
Some people portray themselves as a "friend"
But rarely you see them when you really need them.
Daddy Friday, you? You wasn't like that at all
Because many times I called on you to save me when my back was against the wall.
And time after time you came through for me
And that's how I knew we were not just friends, but buddies.
You were my role model, a Virgin Islands Brother of the Soil
Because you remained true even when others had thoughts of crushing the foil.
You saw bigger and better things for the Virgin Islands when you ran for Senator
And as much I know you would have been even more busy I supported you because you were a needed Leader.
But sadly, today you're not here with us anymore
And the pain is still the same- sharp ripping at my core.
I've cried many days and many nights moreso
But Daddy Friday your memory will live on, I'll never let you go! 

Written By: Tia
Inspired By: Trevor Nicholas "Daddy" Friday
Today's Date:
Thursday, August 17th, 2006
Time: 10:16 a.m

Postive Influence  / Kevin Davis (ONU Law School )
I just heard about the tragic incident.  I knew Trevor in law school.  I knew little about his musical past and his style of music before I met him.  I am a West Virginian - there aint much calypso music round these parts.  He had a positive influence on my life. Peace and blessings to you and yours. 
THANKS!!!! / Shoya A. (FAN)  Read >>
THANKS!!!! / Shoya A. (FAN)

Daddy, as always I go on daily thinking and reflecting on all the marvelous work you've done and given us to live with now that you're gone. From your music to your work, the memories are many and to you we are and will always be grateful. I'm glad that I had the pleasure of being in your company to see you at your best- performing on stage. Well, I had the pleasure of hearing Jam Band in New York yesterday morning- my first time since you're not with us in flesh and I had a BLAST! They really have me proud to be a True Jam Band fan because they spoke about your commitment to them as a band leader, a unit and friend. We all missed you but I got to say my boys sounding real good and it's all because of your vision so long ago. Thanks for sharing your vision with them and for including us- your dedicated fans. The V.I crew was there in full force to represent and celebrate your birthchild- Jam Band. Thank you Daddy for everything you left us with to reflect on from time to time to help us cope without you being here and as always, I'll continue to have your back! Jam Band made US proud!!!!!

Always V.I. Love

Can you believe it???  / Tia P. (Friend)  Read >>
Can you believe it???  / Tia P. (Friend)

Can you believe it? Really and truly, can you? Can you believe it's been 40 weeks already since Daddy Friday left us? Well sah! Life really is a mystery. It seems just like this afternoon I heard the terrible news that Nick was gone. I can remember crying with shock and disbelief and fright because if a man so powerful could die- I, too, could die. Yes, I knew we all have to die but it's like in my mind I have certain people with authority and high standings in the community as the everliving and Friday was one. I never thought that death would become him. Ever! But reality took a hold of my heart and shake it, making it race faster  with every passing second; it took hold of my mind and poaked it giving me a migraine; it took hold of my lungs and squeezed it, making me gasp for air that just wouldn't stay in. I looked up to the hills from whence cometh my strength and asked the Lord for Mercy. I cried like a baby missing his mother's touch. I cried for Nick like he was my own. I couldn't believe or would have never believe that death had or would become him. And until today- 40 weeks later, I still cry unto the Lord as there's nothing else I can say to Him- the ruler and creator of all things. I will not question His judgement for I know He needed a few new things to make ready for our judgement day- our day of calling. And I will rejoice and be glad when I'm reunited with old and new friends and family for He spoke of the end of this world. Nick (¯`°v°´¯) it feels like today was your calling but really and truly it was 40 weeks ago. You were a great man then and an even greater man now because your work is being acknowledged. I'm sorry that it had to take your passing for them to realize how much you've done and been doing. Continue to look over our beloved Virgin Islands, Keep near your children and family And always tell the big man Thanks for the lady that created this site for me to reflect on you daily. Thank You Nick for being a True Soldier and Son of the Soil. Reality took a hold of me boy Daddy, and it took your passing to make me realize that everyone dies. Hm, funny how time goes by and you never really put too much thought or effort into how much you really care about your friends until one of them dies. Funny, isn't it? I mean I know I care about my friends but I wonder if they know I care? Or how much I care? No one should have to die for us to realize and regret we didn't say how we feel. Seize the moment. Well, I'm sorry that it took so long Daddy but I had love you then and I love you now my brother. I love you Nick Friday. Continue to Rest In Peace.


respect the prupose of this site  / Friend (loyal fan )  Read >>
respect the prupose of this site  / Friend (loyal fan )

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the creator of this website. This site gives us the opportunity to express our views about the Late great Nick Friday. I Have been noticing some of the tributes is turning in to something of a personal nature. Let us respect the purpose of this site. It is an outlet for the fans to express the feelings about an individual who gave us the music  that we can't seem to get enough of. His spirit lives in each and everyone of us. We love what he has done for the VI. he is gone but can never be forgotten. Jam is not and never will be the same without Nick. He is Jam Band. You better believe it.

My Love  / Cherise Farrington (Girlfriend)  Read >>
My Love  / Cherise Farrington (Girlfriend)
Nick you gone but never forgotten, I remember the nights we spent together in each other arms, talking about what our future will be like together. I feel inside that I would never love another like I love you. My continance of respect goes out to your children and parents, they knew how much we loved each other. Till we meet again your Diamond In Your Eyes. Close
tola carnival will never be the same  / Tola Princeses (fan)  Read >>
tola carnival will never be the same  / Tola Princeses (fan)

Wow carnival again, From Virgin gorda to  St, thomas, to st. john, to tortola, to cruz. No one will here ur sweet voice again. When u play in the village tortola no oned dances till u reach the mic. Now i gurss we will have to change that way. the only way to hear ur voice now is by the number of cds u left with us. Tola carnival will surley miss u, We dedicated 2 morniing so u could have the road to ur self, jam band and jam band alone on the road, thats how great ur voice impact tola ppl.  I know i am not speakin for myself when i say  no matter who u bring to sing jam band would never be the same, It aint no more Nick "daddy" friday and jamband behind myron shirt them. It's just Jam band.  Jourvert morning wouldnt be the same, village wouldnt be the same, parade wouldnt be the same, tola carnival on a whole woulnt be the same. Tola misses u friday.   We going be strong and try to live without ur presence. like u said " only the strong will survive baby"  R.I.P :'(  rest in peace  but still R.I.P :) Rise if possible. Latah ma boy. U and  kendol up there jammin.

Do the Math...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )  Read >>
Do the Math...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )

Mathematically speaking...

31 weeks ago today...
3+1= 4th of October, 2005 he passed away
4+10+2005=2019    20+19=39    3+9=12    1+2=3
represents his children= 2 girls and 1 boy whom he loved unconditionally
28th December, 1961 he was born
28+12+1961= 2001    20+01=21    2+1=3
also represents is grandchildren= 2 girls and 1 boy who he loved endlessly
October= 10th month
10 symbolizes his siblings= 6 sisters and 4 brothers
10 also symbolizes his first viewing= 14th October, 2005
14+10+2005=2029    20+29=49   4+9=13    1+3=4
represents his brothers who were his pilars
If added, 4/10/2005 and 28/12/1961 tells of his 6 roses- his sisters

410,200,528,121,961 represents... estimate of how many conversations Friday had in his lifetime. many times his name was brought up in conversations. many times he thought about pleasing his fans better next time. many times he touched our lives over and over again.

14,102,005 represents...
...approximately how many knows him.
15,102,005 represents...
...approximately how many has heard of him and his music before his death
29,204,010 represents....
...approximately how many has heard of him since.

410,200,557,325,970 symbolizes... many times we will all reflect on the man behind the music that has left not only us the fans, but his family, close friends and colleagues to mourn his loss. It also symbolizes how many times tears will be shed before we all come to terms with the fact that OUR HERO is gone.

Continue to Rest in Peace Nicholas Friday.


My Redeemer...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )  Read >>
My Redeemer...  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )
Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?
And who told the ocean 'you can only come this far'?
And who showed the moon where to hide 'til evening?
Who's words alone can catch a falling star?

Well I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
All of creation testifies
This life within me cries
I know my Redeemer lives

The very same God that spins things in orbit
Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak
And the same gentle hands that hold me when I'm broken
They conquer death to bring me victory

Now I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
Let all creation testify
Let this life within me cry
I know my Redeemer 

He lives to take way my shame
And He lives- forever I'll proclaim
That the pain is for my sin
Was the precious life He gave
But now He's alive and there's an empty grave

And I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
Let all creation testify
Let this life within me cry
I know my Redeemer 

I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
He lives
He lives
He lives
He lives

I really and truly still can't believe you're gone. Words have left me to only fondle with my thoughts of the happy and easy-going person you were. I know you're in a better place and the words above to the song "My Redeemer" give me the peace of mind and reassurance daily to have Faith and to trust in the Lord that you and Kendoy are both ok. Continue to Rest In Peace.

#1 fan
Nick / Purity Of God (Fans)  Read >>
Nick / Purity Of God (Fans)

Eventhough you're gone and we still mourn you, we find comfort in knowing that we're not alone. Many fans greave your loss and with God's help and continued strength, faith and peace of mind we will forever keep you in our prayers. The V.I. and the world more over love you and will forever remember the times... Rest on in our Saviour's arms.

Purity of God
L / Toppa Da Line Dimes Of The V.I (N.Y. Fan Club (for Friday)) (FANS OF COURSE! )  Read >>
L / Toppa Da Line Dimes Of The V.I (N.Y. Fan Club (for Friday)) (FANS OF COURSE! )
See this aint sumthin that we're used to
It was out of the ordinary- it was unusual
We have the state of mind cause your rep was on the line
Daddy can't nobody do it like you do
Miraculous, phenomenal and aint nobody to out-do you
Toppa Da Line showin' more love
Cause your passing had us screamin out 'what?' 'who?' "WHAT?!"

Daddy, you sang good and no other moved us like you could
Yea, ok we shook our little fatties
While our shorties was huggin our bodies
We're classy 
But no one's happy
Your death was so shocking
Like B.I.G.S and Tupac passing and Lil Kim's incarceration

We love you Daddy! Gone too soon...
Toppa Da Line Dimes of the V.I Jam Band Fan Club in N.Y

___________, .-'Y _^-,
______, .-'^H E , -^_^-, ..
_, .-'^ R S , .-^________..S
_.. H E , .-^_____________k
__.., .-^__________________i

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (#1 Fan )  Read >>
THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (#1 Fan )

Once again, I want to say Thanks to Everyone who've visited this memorial website and posted tributes or comments for the late great Nicholas Friday. Thank you to his family, friends and numerous fans for all the fond memories you've shared of times spent in class together, campaigning or dancing to his music as he performed. Thanks to all the person's who've submitted pictures, music, videos or information pertaining to his life. The establishment of this site meant a lot to all of us and it's continued growth means even more because this is all most of us have left to remind us of Friday. So, keep them coming. Thanks to each of you for the encouraging words that meant so much to me everytime I read them. Your words say that you care about the site and that you are appreciative of what I am doing. I just want to say that I will continue in my efforts of keeping our Diamond shining because shining is what they do best. Remain positive and hopeful that everything will be alright with us.

I understood Today  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )  Read >>
I understood Today  / Sinia Payne (Website Creator) (# 1 Fan )

Today, I think I finally understood my purpose for creating this website for you Friday. Yes, I think I finally know why I was led to do something so miraculous and meaningful. It's the life you live is what people will remember most about you when you're gone. No matter what type of relationship you and that person had, they will only remember what you did, what you lived for and what you stood for when you die. And Friday was everything the Virgin Islands could have ever hoped for in an Ambassador. You were talented in so many ways. Friday was talented musically, vocally, politically and spiritually. I know he's in a better place because when I got up this morning and I looked out my window next to my bed, a little bird was resting on my window sill looking in at me. And if I am not crazy, that bird was talking to me with his eyes. Oh how they reminded me of Friday and as I got up to get a better look, I heard a faint voice say, "I Am Free" and the little bird stared back at me then flew away. He flew with excitement outside my window for a while and then he settled on the lawn outside and before I knew it, he was at my window again. It's as if he wanted me to know he was there and was showing me he was free. I know Friday is okay and I want to reassure everyone that even though life has it's uncertainties, the one thing we can all be certain about is being reunited with loved ones who've passed on. Friday lived for life, he stood for equality and believed in the people and wellness of the Virgin Islands. I am proud to have created this website for such a well deserving man of Friday's caliber that I can share with his family, friends, workmates, past classmates and many, many fans just how Special he really was. We never really know what we have until it's gone and I just want to remind each of us to hold fast to every second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years and decades that we have. Cherish every small detail- stop and smell the roses, call up an old friend just because it's Monday. Never take for granted everything God has blessed us with- our family, friends and even our co-workers. Let them know you love them and just how much they mean to you. Finally, don't forget to give Thanks and Praises unto the Lord for He is worthy of our praises. Lift Him up and ask Him to continue to Bless us all because when we pray for others, He blesses us with our needs. Don't lose sight of the important things in life, always give Thanks for what you have and live the life you want to be remembered by.

it will never be the same  / Brenda Maynard (friend)  Read >>
it will never be the same  / Brenda Maynard (friend)
When i heard that jamband wass coming to st. Maarten . I had mix feelings wondering how i would be able to go to a jamband concert with out Daddy friday there to perform. as i entered the stadium and the music was playing i sadly shook my head, the music seemed to be lacking something and i knew it was my "boy" i waited to get comfortable and looked around for at least Kelly's face but it was as if i was seeing a differrent band. your were right friday they cant sing tune like you. i was disappionted that "jamband did not play any of its great road march tunes. i left feeling that i will never enjoy another band like i use to enjoy flinging down on boatrides and waterfront with "jamband.. to the continuing members of jamband " daddy friday was a legend and try to keep his legacy alive you guys are talented and so i know that you will continue to keep jamdand alive. but for us it will take a while to get acustome to daddy not being ther
sleep on my dear  friend till I hear that voice belting out those tunes RIP Close
A rolemodel to look up to  / Shanika Browne (Fan & sis to Big-wheel )  Read >>
A rolemodel to look up to  / Shanika Browne (Fan & sis to Big-wheel )
He was a good man from I heard and learned, true to his self and fans and family.  I love his music, it is very touching and soothing to the soul.He will always remain in my thoughts and sure will not be forgotten. Close
His music takes me away  / Da Goodz (friend)  Read >>
His music takes me away  / Da Goodz (friend)
As we continue on through life struggling times, we only continue to embrace the memories of one of our true fallen soldiers, icon, mentour, brother, uncle, cousin, friend and every other words that can describer a man of his caliber, we continue to be moved through his legendary music and the impact he had on the people of the islands and across the world. He lifted our spirits up through song and he brought us together through those fine tunes that he sang over snares and bass. His music is electrifying,it's soothing to the soul and his laughter still rings out in my ears. It's always exciting to touch down @ home on VI soil and just hear his voice through the speakers of passing cars and so on, it seems to put a pep in your step and always seems like it's a warm welcome home after being away for so long. Memories will surely live in our hearts forever...RIP The Daddy "Always in our Hearts, Now and Forever." Close
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